Our Team


In 1985, Ken Wick founded and established Eskadee’s Mobile Sharpening Service, a knife sharpening company, in the city of Bellingham, Washington.

In May of 2007 brothers Elmer and Walter Ortez bought Eskadee’s with big aspirations to expand the company. After 8 incredible years the Ortez brothers have exalted the knife sharpening company unto a greater level. They provide their services to all the residential and industrial areas from the town of Sumas, Washington which is almost border line with Canada, as well as all the cities along I-5 and all the way down to Kent, Washington with intentions to keep expanding.

Throughout the 8 years of sharpening, Eskadee’s has enhanced their skills and upgraded their equipment which allow them to sharpen scissors, meat slicers, and gardening tools as well. Besides offering sharpening services Eskadee’s gladly sells all sorts knives: chef knives, breaking knives, bread knives, and many more which can be seen in our catalog (link to catalog). Eskadees’s has their knives imported all the way from Europe for their high quality and endurance.

Mobile Service Equipment:

We have 2 state-of-the-art mobile sharpening centers. Combined with over 20 years of sharpening experience, the brothers Ortez provide unsurpassed quality and know-how. The investment you have made in your equipment is in the best hands available.