Walter Ortez

Mobile Knife Sharpening Technician


… and I sharpen knives. I currently sharpen knives for a number of restaurants and other commercial kitchens,  as well as for many home cooks who appreciate a sharp knife, from the Canadian border to just south of Seattle. The knives go through a 6-7 step process which leaves them razor sharp.

I learned my sharpening technique from master Bladesmith Ken Wick, who has been sharpening knives since 1985. Ken taught both my brother and I to have a real passion for the craft. He generously taught me the sharpening techniques that he has perfected over the last 30 years.

Fun facts about Walter:

What is your favorite food? This has to be Carne Asade – cooked medium on a BBQ. I find it best when served with homemade tortillas, jalapenos, beans, rice and a dab of guacamole – YUM!

What is your favorite place to get away? I took my family on a cruise to the Cayman Islands recently. We had a fantastic time warming up the bones and playing on the beaches. The food was also fantastic.

What about sports? My kids and I enjoy watching the “soccer” magic that is Real Madrid.

What do you do when you are not sharpening knives? I have a passion for restoring classic VW Buses and bugs. I recently purchased a 1964 VW Van as well as a 1963 VW Bug. These are great to fix up for family “road-tripping” along the west-coast. My wife and I have a boy and two girls. We love getting the family together to plan and then adventure on these trips. We also enjoy mountain biking on the many trails around Whatcom County.

What other special talents do you have? I play the bass at our church and have been a musician since I started playing as a teen.