Call now to have your kitchen knives sharpened at your own home.


We will come to your home, business, or event and sharpen all your knives to a professional quality that will surely impress you. All at an amazing price.

As a home kitchen chef, having a sharp knife means that your cuts are cleaner, quicker and more controlled. We strive to bring you the amazing experience of always having a sharp blade. There is no additional work required from you except arranging a time. We will handle the rest and leave your blades as sharp as the first time you used them.




We come to your home kitchen … discuss your sharpening needs and then start sharpening!

You are welcome to watch our mobile sharpening room while we sharpen your knives, shears and kitchen tools. At the same time, you can browse our Icel showroom or ask Walter or Elmer for advice regarding the best cutlery to add to your collection. We carry ICEL knives, among the best professional chef knives found in Europe.

Regardless of whether you are looking for:

  1. Advice on sharpening knives, scissors, tools etc.
  2. Advice on finding accurate tool sharpeners.
  3. Explore the amazing quality of Icel European professional knives.
  4. Input on what is the best knife ever made, or the best rocker pizza knife.

Our knowledgeable staff can help answer your questions. Based on over 20 years of experience, we have great industry-specific advice to share such as how to hone a filet knife, how to find the best oyster knife and reviews, and what’s the best type of metal to use for a knife.



Have any friends in your neighborhood that need items sharpened too? Sponsor a sharpening party and get 30% off all your items.



Eskadees would love to attend your Tupperware party, gardening club, or another special event. We specialize in sharpening the tools of your trade and make it easy to get all of your supplies in great shape quickly.

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Our knives serve a significant role to our business.

My brother and I own Coconut Kenny’s and we have been serviced by Eskadees for over 10 years. Elmer Ortez and his technicians do a great job and are always a pleasure to deal with. Our knives are sharpened on a regular schedule and they serve a significant role in businesses. Professionally sharpened knives make… Read more “Our knives serve a significant role to our business.”

Chay Tan
Coconut Kenny's