We are constantly finding new ways to improve upon the methods used to sharpen and recondition shears.

We know that a barber’s shears are the most important of all the tools for the professional barber. Your reputation depends on how well they perform. The reputation of Eskadees depends on your satisfaction with our sharpening services.

We sharpen all brands of shears and scissors including Convex and Beveled edge shears.

When our technician arrives, they will gather the equipment you have carefully set aside for sharpening and repair. We have an amazing mobile workshop and make sure we have the most up to date equipment for sharpening scissor and blades.

As a professional barber, you know what happens when you take your equipment to an inexperienced technician – a shear that can’t slide or gives a crunchy cut, which pushes as well as folds the hair. The shears might not even cut at all! We often receive phone calls from stylists who tried to save a few dollars by using someone less experienced and have ruined their valuable equipment.



Our technicians will restore your shears to “LIKE NEW” condition and optimum cutting performance; Even shears that have regrettably been damaged by improper, unskilled, sharpening.

If your shears are older and/or rusted, corroded or chipped then we make every effort to remove rust, stains and get the shears back into good working condition.

Reconvexing the blades to the correct angle to ensure optimal cutting performance.

Re-Hollow Grinding removes corrosion and pits from your blades to ensure “Like New” edge durability

Overly blunt blade angle of 60 degrees from improper as well as excessive grinding.

Industry / Factory specification of a 35-degree angle will bring the shears back to a “like new” restoration.

Included Services:

  1. Barber Sharpening Service – We’ll come to you! (I-5 & 405 Corridor and surrounding areas)
  2. Get your shears sharpened the same day not weeks
  3. Each shear is custom sharpened according to that shear’s design
  4. Serviced by a Certified and Factory Trained Technician
  5. One on one consultation with you and one of our technicians to learn your style of cutting
  6. Complete analysis of your shears
  7. Re-sharpening of blade edges to better than factory sharpness
  8. Cleaning, lubricating and inspection of all moving parts
  9. Tension adjustment
  10. Blade balancing

If your shears are older and/or rusted, corroded or chipped then we make every effort to remove rust, stains and get the shears back into good working condition. If the shears have been sharpened wrong, damaged such as blade edge chips, bent, won’t cut even though the blade is sharp, then additional time and therefore costs may be incurred.

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Our knives serve a significant role to our business.

My brother and I own Coconut Kenny’s and we have been serviced by Eskadees for over 10 years. Elmer Ortez and his technicians do a great job and are always a pleasure to deal with. Our knives are sharpened on a regular schedule and they serve a significant role in businesses. Professionally sharpened knives make… Read more “Our knives serve a significant role to our business.”

Chay Tan
Coconut Kenny's